1. Hi just wanted to let you know that I am not one to usually do gardening and planting flowers because it hurts my back, but after seeing these, thought I would try them. I planted several plants and was so amazed that my back wasn’t hurting me at all!! Now I will be able to have a beautiful yard thanks to your diggers!!

  2. Enjoyed talking with you in Daphne and I am glad that I purchased both sizes of the plant hole diggers.

    When I got home there were 12 clumps of Siberian Iris sitting in my plant area and I knew I had to get them planted before my shoulder replacement. Used the larger one and I was most impressed, it sure beat my sharpshooter.

    I have sent your info regarding the July program, to the extension agent from across the US.

    Do you have hole diggers for a one armed gardener? I will be back in 4 – 6 months ready to dig holes.


    H. Deason

  3. Hi Jerry-My husband and I bought one of your plant hole diggers from you and your son at the Spring Show in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to make him wait to use it until his birthday yesterday. That didn’t work. It was so beautiful here on Saturday–he just had to grab his new plant hole digger and plant all sorts of stuff in the yard–broccoli plants, calla lilies, etc. He absolutely loves them! The digger stood up to this red clay just fine. Thanks for inventing and manufacturing a high quality yard tool! We sure are glad we found your booth.

    Ginger and Keith Dunn

  4. I live in an older neighborhood in northwest Georgia. That means less than improved soil, hard clay, roots from unknown trees and rocks . . . and more rocks. Also, being on a cul-de-sac, we get a fair amount of turnaround traffic. I was in the front yard digging holes for some annuals when a couple paused as they circled and the gentleman, obviously experienced in digging holes in dry clay and rocks, joked: “You must not be too smart trying to dig here like that”. I responded that “I may not be too smart, but I have a PHD”. He apologized “I really didn’t mean to insult your intelligence and your degree is impressive but trying to dig a hole in the hard clay and rocks around here is a real challenge and you’re going to wreck those miniature post hole diggers on the rocks”. “First”, I said, “I’m not insulted”. “I wasn’t referring to my degree, which sadly is only a BS in Mechanical Engineering”. “I was referring to these Plant Hole Diggers which you’ve mistakenly called post hole diggers”. He shut the car off and the couple walked up to me. “Plant Hole Diggers?” he asked. I pointed to the row of holes and piles of rocky clay, then showed him the crisp tips of the PHD as it’s known. “The PHD is made from heavy duty stainless steel and you’ll notice that some of those rocks lost that battle.” “You’ll also note that what you referred to them as miniature, it is really perfect sizing for planting small potted plants, ergonomically designed handles to reduce strain and knuckle busting and they’re made here in the USA.” Putting on my best Tom Sawyer I said, “Here, give it a try”. After the first hole, he asked “Where do you want the next one?”. After finishing the last six he asked “Where can I get a PHD?”. “Ask for the Hart Plant Hole Digger at your better garden supply stores or check Hart Plant Hole Diggers on the web and stop plant hole challenge anxiety.”
    Steve Sansbury, Rome, GA.

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