Digger Information

1. The digging end is made of stainless steel, profile ground sharp edge for cutting through roots, ground cloth and rocky clay.
2. The bolts are grade 8 stainless steel with SS lock nuts and washers.
3. The handles are steel tubing, E-coat paint, formed with radii to prevent mashed fingers and topped off with high-grade handgrips.
4. The overall length is 46 inches. The handle grips are 1-inch dia.
5. One model is designed and sized for the 3 ½-in. dia. and larger cup contained bedding plants and vegetable plants.
6. A second model is designed for the 6 and 12 pack trays. They have a root system of aprox. 1.5 in. X ¾ in. This model works well for shallow seedlings (blueberries) and some bulbs.
7. A third model has a 2 ½ in. tapered digging end, 9 in. length. Designed for plants with long taproots
(tomatoes and seedlings) and bulbs requiring more depth.
8. I have some special designed models for specific applications. Example… sod plugging and planting, very long tap root seedlings, irrigation, landscape lighting.

1. In addition to use with plants, I continue to discover other applications.
2. Several municipal water departments use them to dig out cut off valves in meter boxes.
3. Underground cable installers, Landscape lighting, Irrigation and any application where a 2 in. and larger hole is required.

Manufacturing information:
1. The diggers are produced in Alabama. (MADE IN USA)
2. I have a production capacity of 3000 diggers per 8 hr. shift.
3. I can modify or newly design for a specific application.
4. Currently, I distribute to Independent Lawn and Garden Centers, Professional Landscapers, Lighting
Landscapers, Irrigation Installers, Professional Growers, Public Utilities, Botanical Gardens, Golf Courses, Resort Hotels, Universities, Trade Schools and Churches.