Professional Hart Plant Hole Digger


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The Hart Plant Hole Digger is a beatifully simple device. The heavy duty stainless steel head is made to last a lifetime, enduring everything you can dig with it. The professional grade grips and handles will stand up the harshest conditions, all the while making your tasks easier. What’s so unique about the Hart Plant Hole Digger? More than the quality, its the simplicity. Never, until now, has any one created a tool that so easily allows you to quickly dig holes for your plants and bulbs.

The Professional Blade Hart Plant Hole Digger is smaller in diameter and longer to meet the more precise needs of the professional landscaper. We recommend the Professional Model for loose, sandy and prepared soil. TIPS: Preparing holes with the Professional Model—-Close the digging end with handles outward and drive into ground, as you would a spear, then press handles together, which will open the digging end and this will press a hole out in the soil. This will make it much quicker to create holes when setting out a large volume of plants and bulbs.

Hart Plant Hole Digger In Action

Digging in Prepared Soil

Additional information

Designed for

Professional Landscapers and for Plants with Long Root Systems

Spade Size

5" L with tapering from cutting end to hinge point

Handle Size

7/8" Diameter

Total Length



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